6 Effective Ways to Find Investors for Business Capital

How to find the right investor? Here are 6 precise ways to find and get investors to increase business capital will be reviewed by Blog Mekari Jurnal.

For a beginner, running a business is not always successful because of the many competitors and limited business capital.

There are many aspiring entrepreneurs who have lots of creative ideas to start a successful business but they don’t dare to take high risks.

Actually, these ideas can run smoothly if they can get capital from investors, but finding an investor is not easy.

There are several ways to get an investor who is interested in your business and dares to invest.

6 Effective Ways to Find Investors for Business Capital

Below we will discuss how to find also get business capital from investors.

Submitting Proposals to Potential Business Investors

The proposal is a bridge for companies to seek additional venture capital, either to seek investors or to borrow funds.

An attractive proposal that fits the business situation will have a big impact on the company’s assessment.

Therefore, make the proposal as attractive as possible to attract potential investors.

This proposal must contain details regarding the vision and mission of the company you are living, including the company’s cash flow position, and future business plans.

How To Find Investors By Making Attractive Presentations

To find and find an investor, you also need to present the proposal that you have made.

Even though potential investors have read the proposal, the right presentation has a huge impact.

Make a simple presentation slide, not too much writing, and add a little animation, so that potential investors will pay close attention to your explanation.

Explain in detail about financial management, business prospects, and your company’s work team.

The way to find and get investors is to explain business risks

Every business will definitely experience a risk, for that you also need to explain the risks that will be experienced to potential investors.

Do not hide this risk from potential investors if you want to get additional working capital.

Investors need to know what obstacles will be experienced by the company and may be able to provide solutions to reduce business risks.

Investors also prefer honest and trustworthy entrepreneurs to work with.

This is one of the tips on how to find and find investors that you should apply.

Participate in Exhibitions and Competitions To Get Capital

Participating in exhibitions and competitions in the business sector is also one of the ways to find investors and get capital.

Those of you who already have a business can take part in exhibitions and competitions because there will be many investors watching.

They will come to see an interesting business concept and are willing to invest in the business.

Making the Right Business Strategy as a Way to Find Investors

Every entrepreneur wants a growing business so additional business capital is needed to achieve it.

When you are looking for an investor, you need to make the right business strategy in developing your business and making a profit.

Potential investors always ask what strategy you use, so you need to prepare it perfectly.

A good business strategy will reflect great business prospects in the future.


Streamlining the Balance Sheet is one of the first steps in finding and getting investors

When an investor has agreed to invest in your company, the investor hopes to make a profit from the business.

Before deciding on this, of course, they have carefully considered what losses they will get.

They will observe the passage of your company’s cash flow statement through the balance sheet.

Therefore, before running the tips on how to find investors, you need to tidy up the balance sheet.

You can make a neat balance sheet by calculating cash, debt, current assets, and fixed assets separately and in detail.

One way to find and get investors is to create detailed and attractive financial reports using the Mekari Journal application

Making these financial reports is not easy, so we need the help of a reliable business accounting program that can simplify the task of financial management.

Journal is online accounting software that is able to make detailed balance reports and provide information about the company’s financial position.

By using the company’s financial management application in the form of the Journal software, you can easily get additional business capital from investors.

Try and feel the benefits of using Indonesian accounting software, your work will become easier.

Well, above are 6 surefire ways to find and get investors to increase business capital, which have been reviewed by the Mekari Journal Blog.

Hopefully this information on how to find investors can be useful, and please share it on social media.

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