About the Accounting Staff Career You Must Know!

In a company, the position of accounting staff or accounting staff is one that is needed for smooth business processes.

The position of accounting staff in a company has the responsibility to manage the company’s finances and do the books.

This is the reason why you need to know about the accounting staff career. Maybe it’s almost similar to the position of finance accounting and accounting payable, which are both in the realm of accounting.

The tasks are quite complex and varied, so you must know various things about the accounting staff career if you want to pursue a career in this position.

As with other positions, of course, you have to know what are the tasks and skills needed to become an accounting staff.

Therefore, consider various things about the career of accounting staff which will be discussed in this discussion.

Of course, knowing the tasks and skills required makes you have more value if you want to register as an accounting staff.

What is an Accounting Staff in a Company?

Before learning about various things about an accounting staff career, you need to know what an accounting staff is first.

The position of accounting staff is a position that has duties and responsibilities in recording and classifying various transactions within a company.

The recording and classification are to produce financial statements for a company a precise and accurate.

Of course, every recording and classification of all these transactions has its own rules and standards.

In general, the financial statements that will be made by the accounting staff contain the income statement and the company’s balance sheet.

From the report, the company will have an overview of the results it has achieved in a certain period of time.

What are the duties of accounting staff in a company?

Various things about the next accounting staff career that you need to know are about their duties. As previously mentioned, the duties of the accounting staff themselves can be said to be complex and varied.

In fact, it is not impossible here you are required to be able to multitask, but in general, the following is a description of the task:

1. Book the company’s finances

The first task of the accounting staff is to keep books of the company’s finances. In recording the finances of a company there are several formats that we can use.

However, generally, every company already has its own standard of accounting reports that are tailored to its needs.

2. Post operational journals

Furthermore, the accounting staff is also tasked with posting the company’s operational journals. The purpose of this post is to record various company activities, both income and expenses from the company’s operational activities.

After posting, the recording is then entered into the company’s accounting ledger.

This ledger also includes important things you should know about an accounting staff career. In simple terms, this book is a collection of data and a recapitulation of various accounting reports for a company.

You can do this recording or posting using Microsoft Excel or accounting software such as Journals.

3. Book the company’s financial transactions

Keeping the books of various transactions that have been carried out by the company is also one of the duties of the accounting staff. Various expenses made by the company must be recorded accurately and neatly because it will make it easier to do the bookkeeping later.

Of course, in recording this transaction, you must follow the standards set by the company so that using financial applications will make it easier to record financial transactions.

4. Making company financial reports

Making financial reports is arguably the main task of this position and is an important thing about an accounting staff career that you should know.

Various data on the company’s financial recapitulation that have been ratified and will be submitted to the leadership must be included in this financial report.

In general, the company leadership is not possible to check one by one directly, but he will see the report made by the accounting staff.

These financial statements generally have their own format for each company.

5. Filling documents to the system used by the company

This filling process is also known as data entry, and the job of an accountant is also to fill various financial documents into the system used by the company.

Even though it looks simple, don’t make the mistake of entering financial documents, because this can become a problem in itself later.

Select and insert the right documents during this process and be sure to do so with care.

Generally supporting documents such as transaction journal data will be required to perform this task. In addition, operational journals can also be needed in this task.

6. Verify the completeness of the company’s financial documents

The next task regarding the accounting staff career is to verify the completeness of financial documents. Various financial documents such as receipts, invoices, invoices, and notes will be verified by the accounting staff.

Here an accountant must ensure that the various documents remain complete and must be stored neatly.

It is important that you do not lose any of these documents. Because these various documents are legal evidence of expenses that will later be included in the company’s financial statements.

7. Prepare tax reports

In addition to financial statements, an accountant also has duties and responsibilities regarding the taxation of a company.

Therefore, in addition to various things about the career of accounting staff, you also have to know about taxation, even though in general.

The preparation and preparation of tax reports in a company contain the overall tax calculation. An example is the income tax that will be charged to each employee or worker.

8. Reconcile and adjust data

Reconciling and adjusting financial data from expenses made by the company are also accounting tasks.

To do this task you need to look at the cash book, bank book, or account book as a reference. In addition to these books, you can also use the company’s fixed assets and other financial transactions within the company as a reference.

9. Calculating the salaries of all employees in the company

Another thing about the career of accounting staff that you should know is that their duties are also sometimes involved in calculating employee salaries. Therefore you must also have knowledge about the employee payroll system.

Accounting staff must also be able to calculate salaries in detail starting from the calculation of basic salary, overtime pay, incentives, bonuses, deductions, and even taxes.

Generally, every company also has its own way of calculating employee salaries, make sure you follow the standards that have been set.

10. Handling company correspondence

The last task of the accounting staff that you should know is about company correspondence. The point here is that an accounting staff also coordinates and communicates with internal and external parties related to banking and corporate finance.

Accounting Staff Skills That Must Be Mastered

Maybe when compared to other professions, accounting staff is a career choice that is not as glamorous as other professions in the world of work.

However, this position can provide you with many career opportunities if explored properly. In general, an accounting staff is tasked with analyzing and preparing financial records for both the company and the client.

It is important to note that the demand for skills around an accounting staff career may also vary by job title.

An example is a certified public accountant or often called a CPA.

The skills needed by this accountant are in the management of tax forms, balance statements, and various other financial documents that will be legally provided to clients. From here an accountant is required to have thoroughness, strong ethics, and good analytical skills.

Of course, other types of accounting also require different work skills.

However, if drawn in general or an outline, the skills or expertise required remain the same. If you want to become a professional accounting staff, here are some accounting staff skills that need to be mastered:

1. Ability to analyze

An accountant is required to have good accuracy and detail. Because here you have the task of filtering large and complex financial records to be analyzed in detail and accurately.

Errors in analyzing will make the results inconsistent and will certainly be a problem for the company’s finances.

According to an expert, a good accountant is one who can analyze reports carefully and quickly to determine whether the facts and figures can be calculated or not.

A professional accountant can look at the results of the report and judge whether the numbers make sense. That way we will not waste much time re-analyzing the company’s financial statements.

2. Critical thinking

An accounting staff in their job duties will continue to face various errors, inaccuracies, or discrepancies.

If he can’t detect it as early as possible and it’s not handled, then it can be a mistake that will harm the company and the client.

Therefore being able to think critically will really help an accounting staff in overcoming this. Here an accountant must be able to consider the various variables that exist and the potential risks to anticipate them. This is an accounting staff skill that you must hone.

3. Ability to communicate financial reports

The next skill of accounting staff that you must have is the ability to communicate well. Besides being able to analyze and optimize financial reports, here accountants must also be able to explain their findings to colleagues, superiors, and clients. You have to be able to explain as best you can, especially to those who don’t have a detailed understanding of finances.

So it can be interpreted here that an accountant can also function as a translator of a company’s financial data. So here you are required to be able to explain numbers, charts, graphs to tables into information that is easily understood by ordinary people in the financial field.

4. Proficiency in using Excel and Spreadsheet

In carrying out his job duties, an accountant will also struggle with several software programs that can make it easier. An accountant will of course often struggle with Microsoft Excel and Google spreadsheets. Therefore, if you want to pursue a career as an accounting staff, you must also be proficient in using both software.

5. Integrity and being credible

Almost all types of careers require trust from both yourself and others. We can practice self-confidence, but the trust of others needs to be maintained with attitude credibility. In addition, with integrity in an accounting career, people will believe you are a professional accountant.

6. Mentally strong

Having a strong mentality is one of the things that must be owned by an accountant. Of course, we will start a career from scratch and want to improve our career in the future. Various problems such as work deadlines, knowing the needs of clients to various other financial problems certainly require a strong mentality to deal with them.

7. High stability

Although in the position of accounting staff this expertise is not directly related. But in any career should consider this skill to get started. Perhaps one thing that can be called a benefit or an interesting aspect of an accounting career is its flexibility.

Changing the type of accounting every year will certainly harm you and the company. Although the outline is the same, each type of accounting has different details. From here we need to have a solid foundation and continue to be consistent in the type of accounting we are engaged in.

Those are some of the skills regarding the accounting staff career that you need if you want to become a professional accountant. Of course, there are many other details that you need to master to become an accounting expert.

Accounting Staff Career Support Certificate

In general, various job vacancies do require a certain degree or experience from the candidates. However, having a special certificate in a certain field can be an added value for you.

This certificate of expertise will give you a greater chance of being accepted as an accounting staff. Here are some accounting certificates that can be of added value for you:

1. Certified Public Accountant

The first certificate is CPA or Certified Public Accountant, this certificate is issued specifically by IAPI or the Indonesian Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

By having this certificate, you can generally work in any field, but it is more specific to external audit and taxation. In addition, if you already have this certificate, you can also open a public accounting service office.

2. Certificate of Management Accountant or Certified Management Accountant

The next certificate is a certificate issued by ICMA or the Institute for Certified Management Accountants which is specifically for management accountants. You can find out through IPMI International Business School for more information and how to get it.

3. PSAK Certification

PSAK certification is also often referred to as CPSAK which is a financial accounting standard in Indonesia issued by IAI or the Indonesian Institute of Accountants. To get this certificate, you need to carry out an exam conducted by the agency.

4. Chartered Financial Analyst

This certificate is officially issued by the CFA Institute to certify accountants in the analytical field. There are special requirements to get this certificate, namely:

  • Have a minimum of 4,000 working hours in total for 3 consecutive years.
  • Complete the given exam which consists of 3 levels or levels.

Having this certificate will really help you in building a career as a financial analyst in a company.

5. Certified Financial Planner

This internationally recognized certificate is a certification for financial planners officially issued by the FPSB or the Financial Planning Standards Board. There are 4 stages that you have to go through to get this certificate, and if you have got it then it will be very helpful in the career of a financial planner.

May be useful.

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