Examples of Business Ethics That You Should Apply

Ethics is an important thing to be applied in all aspects of life, including in the work office. For employees, applying a number of things such as ethics in the office can train them to be able to behave and also greatly affect their image.

Then, another benefit of applying existing ethics in the office is being able to improve the career of an employee.

Moreover, there are business ethics that need to be well understood. Here we describe examples of business ethics that you can see.

Understanding Business Ethics

Business ethics is an important point for every business actor in running a business. Therefore, it is important that you know the meaning of business ethics from a number of experts. That is:

  • Bertens (2000), According to Bertens, business ethics is broader than the provisions regulated by law. Even business ethics is a higher standard when compared to the minimum standards of legal provisions. Because in business activities or activities we often find gray areas that are not regulated by legal provisions.
  • According to Hill and Jones, According to Hill and Jones, Understanding Business Ethics is teaching in distinguishing between right and wrong in providing provisions for every company leader when considering strategic decision making related to complex moral issues.
  • According to Summary (1998: 21), the notion of business ethics is related to the problem of assessing business activities and behavior that refers to truth or honesty in doing business.
  • According to Sim, it is related to effective leadership in an organization.
  • According to Velasques, According to Velasques, Understanding Business Ethics is a study that is based on right and wrong morals.
  • According to Business & Society-Ethics and Stakeholder Management, Business Ethics is a discipline that deals with the merits of duty and moral obligation in a business context.
  • According to Steady et al: According to Steady et al, Business Ethics are ethical standards related to the objectives and ways of making business decisions.

Examples of Business Ethics

As reported from several sources, there are several examples of business ethics in the workplace that you should apply in the office.

Examples of Business Ethics That You Should Apply


Examples of Business Ethics at Work or Office

1. Pay attention to your appearance when you are in the office

One of the things that is a form of applying examples of business ethics in the workplace is paying attention to appearance while in the office.

It’s good, you know the standards and dress code written in your office. If your office is a formal company, then you must wear clothes such as cloth pants, then wear a white shirt, tie, and be equipped with a suit.

In addition, if you work at a startup or a creative company, then more informal clothes such as jeans, then T-shirts, sweaters, or other models can be worn.

Paying attention to your appearance in the office can help you adjust to the culture in the office, while also displaying your professional image.

2. Take Care of Yourself and your Surroundings

In addition to paying attention to clothes, another example of business ethics is that you also have to pay attention to the neatness of yourself and your personal space, such as your desk.

Regardless of what clothes you wear (formal or casual), make sure that the clothes you wear look presentable in the eyes of others.

The same applies to your desk. Don’t let your desk get messy and messy.

Arrange your work desk as neatly as possible, both before and after work. In addition to looking neater, a tidy work desk can also make your work comfortable.

3. Respect Everyone in Your Office

Everyone always wants to be respected, as well as the people in your office. Therefore, another example of business ethics is to try to respect everyone in the office.

There are several forms of respect that you can do to be able to apply ethics in the workplace.

For example, by not disturbing coworkers who are busy at work. If you even bother him, maybe he will be angry and will also damage the relationship between the two of you.

Not respecting and also not disturbing at work will make other people have a good view of you.

Of course, it will have a positive impact and benefit your career path.

4. Separate Personal Affairs from Work

Another example of business ethics in the workplace is to not mix up work and personal life issues.

By doing this one thing, your career will also increase. You can do this by not thinking about your life or personal problems at work.

When you are busy at work, try to focus your mind on your work. Do not also tell your personal problems when working.

Moreover, to your co-workers. Don’t talk too much about your work in front of your relatives or those closest to you in your family.

5. Be Someone Who Can Be Responsible

Being responsible is a positive attitude as well as an example of good workplace business ethics. If you want your career to improve, then this is something you should apply.

One example of being responsible is to do a job or project as well as possible and on time.

You are also responsible for the results of the work or projects that you do, regardless of whether the results are good or bad. When the results are bad, you don’t look for excuses either.

Another form is by not arriving late if you are invited to a place and also listening to the conversation that occurs during the meeting.

6. Be a Person Who Cares

This example of business ethics in the workplace is not only applied to fellow co-workers, but also to your boss.

The form of an example of caring business ethics you can do by turn off office equipment when it is not in use.

You can also provide moral support to co-workers if they are feeling sad, or experiencing a problem.

Doing this will make people respect you, and will certainly help you on your career path.

7. Don’t Even Cut The Conversation

In this example of business ethics when chatting, it’s better if you wait for the other person to finish conveying whatever is on his mind.

Cutting off the conversation can give the impression that you think your opinion is better than others and are not interested in hearing other people’s opinions.

If you don’t agree with what the other person is saying, there are times when you record what he or she is talking about and also remain silent until the person has finished speaking.

By writing down what you hear, you can give a more accurate response and not be filled with emotion alone.

Of course, you will get a turn in the discussion, so just being patient and listening carefully is the key.

8. Always On Time

Being someone who comes on time is an example of business ethics in the workplace that can bring many benefits to your career path.

If you always arrive late, you will be considered an unprofessional person and do not respect the existing rules.

Try to always plan to arrive early so that if something happens, such as getting stuck in traffic, you won’t be late.

However, if you experience something that prevents you from making it on time, tell your boss or co-workers as soon as possible.

9. Be a Flexible Person

According to Northeastern University, you will sometimes be given a job or a project that makes you work overtime and late, or do work outside your job description.

Now if this happens, then it’s good if you become more flexible and try to apply examples of business ethics to give the best when you work.

Just ask what you don’t understand about your co-workers and superiors. This will show that you are serious about being able to complete the work that has been given.

This also shows that you really appreciate the company and also take your role seriously.

10. Don’t Play Mobile Phones Continuously

While in the office, it’s good if you don’t stare at your device continuously. It will show if you do not want to socialize with your coworkers. Apart from that, even looking at your device while in a meeting will create a negative impression because you are considered not paying attention to what is being discussed.

Applying a number of examples of business ethics in the workplace is very appropriate because it will train you to be able to behave better while in the office.

Apart from that, your career will also increase by the way you apply examples of business ethics and also behave well when in the office.

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