Understanding Business Manager and Its Role in the Company

Have you ever heard of a Business Manager? If it’s not like this, a company/business definitely needs someone who can supervise, be responsible, and can see the potential of other employees.

One position that can do all of the above is Business Manager. What is the job and what are the job prospects? Let’s see!

Understanding Business Manager

The definition of a business manager is someone who is responsible for managing the interests of the company, whether between individuals, institutions, organizations, or other companies.

A Business Manager has the main task of encouraging other employees to work effectively and efficiently.

Sometimes Business Managers also require special skills in several fields, such as financial, marketing, or public relations skills.

The Role of a Business Manager

A Business Manager has an important role in a company. But in general, the Business Manager plays a role in managing the activities of the company and the employees in it.

For companies that are not too big, a Business Manager is tasked with ensuring that the company’s employees work in accordance with the goals to be achieved.

Meanwhile, for larger companies, the Business Manager’s role is to make accountability reports to higher-level company executives.

In the function of regulation and management, a Business Manager is also directly involved in supervising and leading production operations carried out by employees.

It is necessary to implement business strategy and evaluative functions.

Characters that a Business Manager must have

Believe me, business management will not be able to run without the presence of a manager. In addition, managers play a very important role in maintaining balance in a particular company or business.

Although it has been carefully planned, there are many bad things that can happen unexpectedly. All kinds of bad things can be caused by various internal or external factors of the company.

For internal factors, for example, disharmony in relations between employees causes a decrease in work productivity.

While an example of an external factor is the occurrence of a disaster that causes delays in the production process.

If this kind of bad thing happens, then a manager is required to think extra quickly so that the problems that occur are quickly resolved properly.

Therefore, a Business Manager needs to have a good and strong personality so that the relationship between employees in a company becomes good.

In fact, a qualified Business Manager can certainly be easier to solve all internal problems with a more personal approach.

In addition, a Business Manager is also required to have super broad knowledge and special skills in problem-solving so that various bad things can be easily found the best solution.

If you want to become a manager in your own company, then don’t forget to always improve your knowledge about business management as well as about the field you are working in.

The goal is to make it easier for you to do all the planning, management, and also implementation of the business.

Not only that, but you must also be able to be a firm leader but remain open, democratic, and have high empathy for all employees.

If the management system that you manage doesn’t work properly, don’t blame the employees right away, but it’s good to evaluate your business management to find out where the real fault lies.

Remember, as a Business Manager, you are a decision-maker so you must also be responsible for everything related to company management matters.

Duties of the Role of a Business Manager

The main task of a Business Manager is to be in charge of the work/project being carried out, this is in line with other functions that must be carried out, namely the supervisory function.

The supervision carried out, in this case, is to keep the work in accordance with the business plan, allocate employees to tasks according to their expertise/specialization, to maintain the morale of other employees so that the quality of the work produced remains good.

In addition, sometimes a Business Manager is also responsible for making a business plan that will be used by the company.

This is imposed on him because a Business Manager is expected to be able to see strategic opportunities for the company and be able to make/formulate the steps that need to be taken to reach those opportunities.

But sometimes the Business Manager also has other responsibilities that may be assigned to him.

Below we will discuss the possible responsibilities that will be assigned to him.

What are the Responsibilities?

The following are the usual responsibilities of a Business Manager in a company but are not limited to the things that will be mentioned below. Usually, the responsibilities are:

  • Develop company goals and objectives
  • Design and implement business plans and strategies to achieve the set goals
  • Ensure that the company has sufficient and qualified resources to carry out the planned business strategy
  • Organize and organize the way employees work to ensure maximum output
  • Supervise employee performance and provide feedback to improve employee efficiency and effectiveness
  • Maintain good relationships with partners/vendors/suppliers
  • Collect, analyze, and interpret internal and external data and make reports
  • Assess the company’s performance with the targets that have been set
  • Represent the company at seminars, conferences, events, and other events
  • Ensure employee/company compliance with legal regulations and guidelines

Career Prospects and Benefits

A business manager is a promising job prospect. Usually, these positions are offered by companies with varying salaries and qualifications.

But the qualifications offered to go hand in hand with the size of the company. Companies/businesses that are not too large in scale usually still provide opportunities for fresh graduates, but for larger companies (national or international scale) the requirements given will be more stringent and higher.

The requirements given are usually also directly proportional to the income received and the responsibilities that will be carried out by a business manager.

The complexity of the problems and business strategies that will be faced will of course be very different between large companies and those that are not too big. Analytical and problem-solving skills are 2 mandatory skills that you must have.

If you have any doubts about this job prospect, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has a chance that it will grow steadily through 2024.

When it comes to income, fresh graduates are usually rewarded with an income of around 7-10 million rupiah. Of course, this will be a promising job prospect, especially if you have the required competencies in this field (college major or internship/work experience).

How to Become a Manager?

To become a Business Manager you can major in business management for lectures. Or you can also major in management in general, but if you major in general management it would be better if you take an internship program that is related to this work.

In addition, usually, the requirements given by the company for this position are as follows.

  • Proven experience in a relevant role field
  • Excellent organizational and leadership skills
  • Outstanding communication and interpersonal skills
  • Thorough understanding of various business processes and strategy development
  • Excellent knowledge of MS Office, databases, and information systems
  • Good understanding of research methods and data analysis techniques
  • BSc/Ba in Business Management or related field; MSc/MA will be a plus

Business management components

Please note, that business management is the activity of planning, managing, and also operating a business. This includes managing all lines in each business process in order to achieve what is the business goal in it

It is undeniable, that small or medium-scale businesses also need reliable business management. It is known, that this business management consists of several components that can determine the pace of the business wheel while meeting the specified target. Curious, what are the components in question?

Financial management

Basically, good financial management is needed in business management. The reason is, that this is related to the flow of money in and out of the business itself. This means that the financial circulation in a company or business must be managed as perfectly as possible.

Through this financial management, each business budget can be managed and used based on their individual needs.

Without this kind of financial management, it is certain that budget data will be nil, resulting in the uncertainty of financial data that affects the running of the business.

Worse, your business can lose its way because it is not known what the profit and loss value is.

Marketing management

The term marketing management which is also known as marketing is an activity that is directly related to the determination of targets, planning, goals, and also the results to be achieved in the field of marketing.

The purpose of this marketing management is to increase sales as well as introduce products to the market.

Every marketing activity must be done before the goods are produced. In general, there are three concepts applied in marketing. The first is consumer orientation. The second is the preparation of marketing activities integrally and the third is customer satisfaction.

Production management

This one activity is known to be closely related to how a production process can run well so as to produce products that are beneficial to the wider community. There are several aspects in this production management including production planning, goods to be produced, quality of goods, the quantity of goods, raw materials, and also production control.

Distribution management

Broadly speaking, distribution management strongly supports the performance of marketing management. In a simple business, distribution management is a management business related to the availability and distribution of goods to consumers. Thus, distribution management that is not managed properly tends to interfere with the performance of a company’s marketing manager.

Human Resource Management

Experts argue that HR management or human resources are related to the availability and also the performance appraisal of all employees. With this HR management, you will be assisted in determining the standard of skills or employee experience needed, setting employee wages, and also providing clarity on the rights and obligations of the employee.

Basically, every business, be it small or medium scale, really needs good business management. You really need to be able to prepare all the components discussed above to ensure that all processes run smoothly. A disturbance in one component will affect the other components and so on.

Tips for recruiting the best Business Managers

Given how important the role of a Business Manager in a company is, you must be very careful when choosing one. Not just looking at his intellectual abilities, but you also have to be good at assessing his overall personality.

In addition, consider also the question of emotional intelligence, creative thinking skills, and also the speed of thinking in solving problems.

Finding the best Business Manager candidate is not an easy matter. Of course, you have to be willing to spend a lot of time, energy and thought to do this one thing.

Therefore, don’t let the sacrifices that you have spent be in vain because a Business Manager has a bad influence on the company.

So that you don’t make the wrong choice, here are some tips for recruiting Business Managers that you can try to apply

  1. Conduct a step-by-step interview

To get the best Business Manager, you are advised to do several stages of interviews. Especially considering how crucial and prestigious this position is, it is not surprising that there will be many people who are after him, but of course, not all of them are able to occupy it.

  1. Consider the judgments of others

As a business owner, of course, you can conduct interviews with prospective Business Manager candidates. However, you should not do this alone. This is because interviews conducted alone without considering other people’s judgments actually lead to less than optimal results.

  1. Take IQ and ESQ tests

We recommend that you do IQ and ESQ tests on selected candidates so that you can get the best manager. Know, that someone who is intelligent does not necessarily have a good ESQ. And vice versa. In other words, IQ and ESQ must really balance.

  1. Pay attention to the expression

When the time comes for you to speak directly to the selected candidate, convey that he or she will be promoted to a manager position, but with some processes that need to be passed first.

When conveying this, make sure you see how the expression is. Shocked, angry, or scared? Because all these expressions will definitely appear if an employee hides something in his previous career.

Actually, a company does not only depend on a Business Manager to run its business well. A good company should also have a good, integrated payroll system that can facilitate the finance department.

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